Absolute Business Continuity - Keeping business together

Incident management - Governance

  • If possible obtain buy in from the ‘executive’ management team.
  • Choose a senior person on the management team to act as champion.
  • Make sure this person understands your plans, actions and any presentations.
  • Get their views on your plans for ‘Incident Management’, 'Service Continuity', Data Breach'  or 'Business Continuity'.
  • Make sure that they are at any meetings with the ‘executives’ to support you.
  • Set a regular update meeting, once every 3 months at least to validate and update.
  • Set clear deliverables with time scales set.
  • Get a plan in place with contact details and exercise date.
  • Ask the executive team for their support.
  • State clearly their responsibilities. explain their roles.
  • Develop an action plan, review progress with champion monthly, executives quarterly.
  • Tell them who are the response co-ordinators. explain their roles.
  • Explain communication systems (emergency line, conference bridge).
  • Give the team members a set of clear instructions