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Incident management - Who's on the team

  • Choose senior people on the executive management team if possible.
  • Make sure you identify at least three leaders, Main, Standby and one other
  • Consider teams that have different participants for a few different scenarios.
  • Choose enough deputies for holidays and to allow for 2 x 12 hour shifts.
  • Identify somebody in the executive management team to update the list of members in the team (HR).
  • Get a regular update meeting with them, every 3 months to keep the plan up to date.
  • Watch out for any management team changes or restructures.
  • Make sure people who leave the company are replaced quickly.
  • Update the plan as soon as the change becomes implemented.
  • Record work, mobile, pager and home numbers in the plan.
  • Store the plans securely on hard and soft copies in a safe or safe place.
  • Minimise the number of people that have copies of the plan to ensure security.
  • Make sure that enough people that need it have a copy of the plan.
  • The co-ordinators should be the only ones that need copies of the plan.
  • Ask team members that do not respond well under stress to leave the ‘incident room’.
  • Ask team members that give incorrect information to leave the ‘incident room’.