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Incident management - Testing the plan

Exercising the Plan

It is a good idea to carry out an ‘Exercise’ to iron out any obvious problems. Avoid the term 'test' which implies a pass or fail
Agree the method with the executive team.
Examples of exercises could include:

  • A callout exercise with people calling back to somebody on the ‘Incident Management’ team.
  • The callout exercise could call out either teams or shifts.
  • One team being called 1 hour later than the other.
  • It could include a conference call or a message on an emergency line.
  • It could be carried out after major changes to the ‘Incident Management’ team.
  • It should be tested as soon as there are any major changes to the plan.
  • try to exercise your plans during working hours and out of hours.

Remember to write an exercise plan before an exercise and an exercise report afterwards.

The more planning you put in the more you will get out

Exercise desk, mobile, pager and home numbers as recorded in the plan.

Use an exercise as a training session for all of the people on the teams.

Have fun on the exercise. You are exercising your ‘Incident Management’ plan in a safe way.

Remember there is no such thing as an exercise failure. You will always find something to change or improve.

Exercise all of your plans

Exercise your Business Continuity- Business Recovery & Work Area, Disaster Recovery - Data Centre & Technology plans