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Incident management - Updating the plan

Updating the Plan

Once the exercise is complete and the exercise report has been produced:

  • Send the exercise report to members of the team.
  • Start an action plan and set tasks with owners and timescales for delivery.
  • Set regular review meetings to check on progress.
  • As soon as the action plan’s tasks are complete prepare for the next exercise.
  • Inform the members of the team that the tasks are complete.
  • Carry out the next exercise as soon as possible if the issues identified were major.
  • If the issues were minor then set the next test as scheduled (3-6 months).

The updating of the plan should follow these steps every time after a test.

It is vital that the plan is effective to protect the business and to keep the team members engaged

Remember there is no such thing as an exercise failure.
You will always find something to change or improve.