Absolute Business Continuity - Keeping business together

Understanding the organisation

The Business Impact Analysis - Understanding your Business

A vital part of the BIA process is to identify those key products and services that keep the business running.

You identify the things you need to deliver your Products & Services through a Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

Those important things may include -

People - Your team members - The IT or business process expertise required and how many team members with what skills are needed, when.

Places - Your premises - Offices, Data Centres, Factories.

Technology - Any items that you need to deliver your services - Technical systems or Machinery.

Information - Data or information - Customer information, Payroll files, Contracts, Designs. It includes important hard copies.

Supplies or Suppliers - Components, parts or Vendors that you depend on that can't easily be replaced.

Stakeholders - Government, Regulators, Shareholders, Employees, Unions and owners.

The BIA should also help identify any processes you could suspend.

This is where you identify your minimum requirements after an incident in order for your business to survive.